HS Strut® Woody Turkey Decoy

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These are simply the most lifelike decoys we've ever produced. Superbly sculpted decoy bodies made of a rigid polycarbonate ensure perfect decoy shape every time you set out your spread. Previously-unimaginable paint detail, coupled with taxidermy eye inserts, satisfy the needs of the most discerning turkey hunter. And the undeniable power of the submissive jake posture brings even the most decoy-shy gobblers into the kill zone. The centerpiece of the setup is this seemingly-submissive jake with a hen-stealing posture that makes gobblers see red and rush right in every time. The stance of the insubordinate jake indicates submission, but also reveals that he intends to make a move. It's a position that makes gobblers furious, and brings them running to defend their territory, every time.

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well made , looks real .comes with bag and metal steak to hole decoy . nice color s

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