Speedbag 20/20 Target


Speedbag 20/20 Target


Dimensions: 20″x20″x10″

Replacement bag: 70637

Arrow Tip: Field Tips

Bow Speed: up to 425 fps

In stock


The Speedbag 20/20 Target includes exclusive hydro-press internal composition for added durability and arrow stopping power.  High contrast graphics for quick target acquisition.  Designed to stop all arrows and bolts shot from even the fasts bows.  Easiest arrow removal when compared to other types of targets.

For use with field points only. Broadheads and expandable tips are NOT recommended for use with bag targets.

Archery Bag Targets – Portable, Functional, Durable

Delta McKenzie Archery Bag Targets are great for practicing while on the range, or in the field, because they are portable, functional and durable.

Portable: Bag targets offer a sewn-in handle and corner loops for easy transport.  Just grab-and-go to your backyard, deer camp, or the range.

Functional: With high-impact graphics and multiple shooting spots on both sides of the bag, Delta McKenzie bag targets allow you to hone in on the perfect shot. They also offer easy arrow removal, so you’ll spend more time shooting arrows, and less time pulling them.

Durable: Delta McKenzie bag targets are rated for use with high-speed compound bows and crossbows. They include exclusive hydro-press internal composition for added durability and arrow stopping power. After heavy use, replace the outer bag to extend the life of your target.

Speed Rating: 425 FPS

Additional information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 20 × 20 in


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