Why Choose a 3D Archery Target
Delta McKenzie - Why Choose a 3D Archery Target

Why Choose a 3D Archery Target

Why Choose a 3D Archery Target

When you are getting ready for the hunt, you have various archery targets to choose from.  So, why choose a 3D archery target?  Tune in to this video for several reasons why a 3D archery target is your best choice:

The 3D archery target featured in this video is the Bloodline Buck.  A larger version, the Bloodline Buck XL, is also available.  3D targets have so many qualities that allow you to simulate an actual hunting situation.  They look realistic, and offer multiple shooting angles.  Vital rings help guide you to where you want your arrows to land in a real hunting situation, preparing you for success.  See our entire lineup of 3D targets at dmtargets.com.

Delta McKenzie Targets

The best of both worlds: We hear this phrase frequently in everyday life but at Delta Sports Products this takes on greater meaning. Under one roof we have the two longest existing target brands in the world. Collectively Delta and McKenzie share almost 60 years of experience helping archers and bow hunters to have greater success afield.  Our 3D archery targets are used at competitions world-wide, and we pride ourselves on quality and target longevity.  Whether practicing for your next big competition, or a weekend hunting trip, Delta McKenzie has a target to best meet your needs.

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