2018 ASA Tournament Target Lineup
Delta McKenzie ASA 2018 Target Line Up

2018 ASA Tournament Target Lineup

Delta McKenzie Introduces Two NEW 3D Targets for 2018

The ASA and Delta McKenzie have announced the lineup of targets for the 2018 tournament season. The 22-target range includes the strutting turkey and the Russian boar. ASA is proud to feature McKenzie Targets and have them as the exclusive and official 3-D targets for the McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tour.

“Delta McKenzie’s commitment to our sport and their tradition of innovation and quality makes them the recognized leader for 3-D competition targets. In 2018, we are looking forward to bringing back their Russian boar and to adding their newly redesigned strutting turkey with a replaceable core,” said Mike Tyrell, Archery Shooters Association President. “When ASA hosts over 2,000 competitors in a weekend it is great to know we have McKenzie realistic targets that will be there for everyone to enjoy,” Tyrell continued.

All of Delta McKenzie targets are made in the USA of the highest quality materials including Duraflex™ foam renown for durability and easier arrow pull. View all of the 2018 targets at dmtargets.com

Delta McKenzie 3D Target - Strutting Turkey

Delta McKenzie Targets - Russian Boar

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