Archery Target Questions

Can I leave my 3D target outside?

Our targets are not recommended to be left outside in the elements due to weather conditions that can deteriorate the target and fade the paint.

Can I shoot broadheads at my 3D target?

Whether you are using your target for tournament or hunting practice, it is recommended that you use field points. If the practice is focused on hunting, use a field point that is the same weight as the broadhead you plan to use during the hunt. All McKenzie 3D targets are designed for use with either broadhead or field points, however, the use of broadheads will decrease the useful life of the vital section of the target.

How many shots can a 3D target take?

Each target and each shooting situation is different, which means different answers will apply. Some of the factors that affect each target are:

  • Distance the arrows are shot from. (Closer targets take more penetration than further targets)
  • Arrow configuration: Carbon/aluminum/wood, arrow diameter, broadheads/field points, bullet point vs. combo point, etc.
  • How fast the bow shoots. (Faster bows pack more kinetic energy, thus greater penetration than slower bows)
  • How good the shooter is; tighter/looser groups
  • The care given to the target. Targets left outdoors in the elements break down sooner. We suggest that targets be covered or moved indoors when not in use.

My arrow is hard to remove. What can I do?

Depending on equipment and weather conditions, all types of arrows are sometimes difficult to remove. Several things can be done to aid in aluminum and especially carbon arrow removal in 3D targets. The use of an arrow puller will enable the archer to grip the small shafts much better. Treating the point and first 4-5 inches of the arrow shaft with a friction reducing lubricant will decrease heat build-up and greatly aid in easy arrow removal. Our tests prove that lubricants with higher silicone work the best. For best results with carbon arrows during cold weather, a combination of gripper and lube is recommended.

What is universal scoring?

Universal scoring allows us to produce only one target, instead of one for ASA and another for IBO. This should be welcomed by clubs, since now ‘one size will fit all.‘ The new universal scoring rings include the ASA 14 ring, two ASA 12 rings, and the center 11 ring used by IBO tournaments.