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Big Daddy: Delta’s New Ultra-realistic 3D Deer

Jay Jensen   May 16, 2017

Say ‘hello’ to Big Daddy—Delta’s NEW Patent-pending Ultra-realistic 3D Deer August 20, 2016 – Delta McKenzie, known for hunting and competitive archery targets, introduces 3D deer target ideal for hunting season practice—the Big Daddy Buck. Anyone that’s used a 3D animal target has experienced the frustration of trying to pick up the target only to [...]

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New Portable MO’GO Layered Foam Target

Jay Jensen   May 16, 2017

New For 2017 – Portable MO’GO™ Layered Foam Target Get MORE from your FOAM target with the NEW Mo’Foam™ Mo’Go The all-new Mo’Go offers the durability of Mo’Foam™ construction in a portable package. Delta’s exclusive process welds Mo’Foam layers, inside and out, into a single block so no straps or bands are needed to hold [...]

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