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About Delta McKenzie

There are many distinctive features that define Delta McKenzie Targets – uncompromising quality, distinctive design, great durability and performance, and a top notch shooting experience. Yet it’s the combination of our two brands that makes our targets so unique.

The Best of Both Worlds

We hear this phrase frequently in everyday life but at Delta Sports Products this takes on greater meaning. Under one roof we have the two longest existing target brands in the world. Collectively Delta and McKenzie share almost 60 years of experience helping archers and bow hunters to have greater success afield.

On one hand there is the Delta brand, best known for its commitment to the average bow hunter. Our archery targets have been tested in more backyards, hunting camps, and ranges than any in the world. We’ve taken that experience and feedback and continued to develop targets that meet the practical, economical and aesthetic needs of our customers.

On the other hand there is the McKenzie brand, best known for its premium competition targets. It is found at top archery events around the world. Tested under the most punishing conditions, by the best archers; McKenzie targets continue to live up to the challenge of durability and reliability.

When we combined the two entities of Delta and McKenzie Targets, we gained the collective expertise, product development and brand recognition that came along with them. Learn more about the Delta McKenzie Difference and how our archery targets are different from the competition.

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