New Baby Daddy 3D Buck Archery Target
Delta McKenzie - Antler Socket System

New Baby Daddy 3D Buck Archery Target

Delta McKenzie - Antler Socket System

Delta introduces NEW Baby Daddy™ Buck 3D Archery Target with Innovative Antler Socket System™

Delta McKenzie has introduced a compact 3D deer to the Daddy series of backyard targets—the NEW Baby Daddy. For 2018, the entire Daddy Buck Target line will feature Delta’s NEW proprietary Antler Sockets. The new socket system solves the problem of antlers working their way loose and wearing out the foam. With the sockets, antlers will stay secure and usable throughout the life of the target. The Daddy Buck Series is also unique with its innovative cross-body dovetail. This dovetail eliminates the frustration of trying to pick up the target only to have it come apart and it provides continued stability through thousands of shots.

Daddy 3D targets feature universal scoring on one side and heart/vital shot placement markings on the other. Assembles in under one minute—see video at:

Delta McKenzie - Baby Daddy Buck Archery Target


NEW Antler Socket System™

  • Patent-pending horizontal dovetail locking legs
  • 100% self-healing foam construction
  • For use with field points or broadheads
  • Features both universal scoring and vital rings
  • Measures 31″ x 41″ (from ground to top of back)
  • MSRP: $129.99

Buy the Baby Daddy Buck Here.

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