Innovative Chunk Layered Archery Targets Introduced
Delta McKenzie Archery Targets - Chunk Layered Target

Innovative Chunk Layered Archery Targets Introduced

Delta McKenzie, the leader in manufacturing and supplying archery targets has introduced the Chunk™ layered archery targets for broadhead and field-point practice.  Chunk’s innovative features include integrated handles so no ropes or wraps are needed. The cube design offers equal arrow penetration depth on all sides providing an increased total shoot-able area. With the ability to shoot all sides, archers will appreciate getting more use out of their target.  Additional features include bright white aiming spots and durable Mo’Foam™. Patented Mo’Foam is the densest foam on the market and Delta’s exclusive heat process fuses it together into a single block.  The welded-solid design eliminates the straps and bands that are needed to hold other brands’ layered targets together. Chunk is rated for high-speed bows and most crossbows. Visit the Chunk Page to see the Chunk and full line of Delta McKenzie archery targets.


  • Cube design—shoot-able on all sides
  • Integrated handles
  • Heat-welded layered durable Mo’Foam™ construction
  • Field-point and broadhead compatible
  • Available in three sizes: 12”, 15”, and 18”

·                         MSRP:  12″ – $39.99
15″ – $74.99
18″ – $119.99

Delta McKenzie Targets - Mo' Foam Chunk Layered Archery Targets

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