Big Daddy Buck Archery Target


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Big Daddy Buck Archery Target

Delta McKenzie – the leading innovator of 3D targets for archery – announces the Daddy target line!  These realistic, durable, 3D targets offer the ultimate in hunting and tournament preparation. Among the other lifelike models, including the Baby Daddy Buck and the Hoosier Daddy Buck , the Big Daddy Buck 3D Archery Target brings a full-size dimension to help you improve your archery skills.  Whether you’re a hunter or a 3D competitor, realistic vital rings and universal scoring rings help you get ready for your next archery challenge.  Baby Daddy, Hoosier Daddy, and the Big Daddy Buck come to you exclusively from Delta-McKenzie.


• Constructed of 100% self healing solid foam

• Lifelike 3D realism

• Shoulder Height:41″  Width:48″  Head Height:54″

• Made with Delta McKenzie’s most durable Duraflex foam

• Easy arrow removal

• Proprietary Antler Assembly Socket System keeps antlers aligned and secure – no more damage to the foam head from messy antler spikes

• For use with field points or broadheads

• Innovative Dovetail Locking System

• Easy-to-assemble exclusive dovetail locking system provides unmatched stability

• Self healing foam legs

• Features both universal scoring and vital rings for tournament or hunting practice

• Designed to replicate a 250+ pound whitetail

• Replacement body sold separately

• Oversize body for easy target acquisition and forgiving shot placement

• Recurve, compound, and crossbow compatible

Replacement Parts:


Additional information

Weight 41 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 32 × 15 in

5 reviews for Big Daddy Buck Archery Target

  1. Steve Miller

    Finally a deer target I can shoot and move around with out all the extra pieces to keep it together. With the new design and the extra large body this deer will be in my backyard for years to come.

  2. Jim Akers

    I shot this buck at 20 yards with a 360 FPS crossbow with Victory Voodoo bolts and a 125 grain point. Had less than 8 inches of penetration. Arrow pulled easy. Healed back instantly. Easy to assembly easy to carry. Would make a great decoy as well.

  3. Agustin Villaverde

    Outstanding Target, easy arrow removal, great surface area. The legs don’t fold over, and collapse, self healing. It is big. I like it better than the Glendale buck.

  4. Justin

    I love how portable this target is. Its easy to put together and holds up to a beating!

  5. Craig

    We use the Big Daddy target at our work for archery practice. It’s incredible how many shots this target has taken and still just as durable as ever. You can see the self healing foam at work every time you pull out an arrow. The Big Daddy is a great target. Not to mention how easy it is to put together.

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