Bighorn Sheep 3D Archery Target Replacement Mid


Midsection: Part #21552

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Bighorn Sheep 3D Archery Target Replacement Mid

The Pro Series Bighorn Sheep 3D Archery Target (Part #21550) represents the peak of quality.  To extend the life of these quality targets, Delta McKenzie offers replacement parts.

Made from Duraflex Foam, the Bighorn Sheep 3D Archery Target Replacement Mid includes the front legs, which offer structural support to the 3D target.  It also houses the E-Z Flex Foam core, which includes the vital/scoring rings, and offers easy arrow removal.

Replacement parts, like this midsection, provide an economical aspect to 3D target shooting since the midsection can be replaced as often as necessary, without replacing the entire target.


  • Lifelike bone structure and pose
  • Includes the core section
  • Vital rings and scoring rings
  • Other replacement parts available: Head, Core and Rear

Additional information

Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 41 × 20 × 13 in

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