Intruder Deer Replacement Core


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Intruder Deer Replacement Core:

Delta McKenzie is pleased to offer an enlarged replacement core section for the Backyard Series Intruder Deer 3D Archery Target (Part Number 50460).  This high-quality replacement core enables you to keep the practice or competition shots in motion.  Made from durable Flex Foam, the Intruder Deer Replacement Core is the most ideal way to extend the life of your target.  Having all the important characteristics you expect from a replacement piece, the core also includes vital rings and IBO scoring rings.  While fitting snuggly into the Intruder Deer 3D Archery Target, the replacement core is able to withstand repetitive penetration from field tips or broadheads.


  • Excellent arrow stopping capability and easier arrow extraction
  • Durable FlexFoam construction
  • For use with broadhead, expandable or field tip
  • IBO Scoring Rings

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 11 × 9 in