Pronghorn Pro 3D Archery Target Replacement Head


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Pronghorn Antelope Archery Target Replacement Head

The Pronghorn Antelope 3D Archery Target (Part #22420) is part of the Pro Series 3D Archery Target collection.  It is among the best of the best—the pinnacle of performance.  The Pronghorn Antelope Archery Target Replacement Head offers lifelike representation to your 3D target.  Made of solid foam, the replacement head can be replaced as often as needed in order to keep the practice or competition shots going.

Tournament-grade, Pro Series targets are used at top competitions worldwide because they feature the highest grade foams. The Pronghorn Antelope is no exception.


  • Solid foam construction
  • Easy replacement installation
  • Other replacement parts available: rear, midsection and core