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Universal scoring allows practice for ASA and IBO on the same target. The new universal scoring rings include the ASA 14 ring, two ASA 12 rings, and the center 11 ring used by IBO tournaments.

Several things can be done to arrow removal easier.

  • Use an arrow puller to get a better grip on the arrow.
  • Shoot aluminum or full metal jacket arrows. Aluminum or aluminum jacketed arrows pull easier from targets.
  • Lubricate the first few inches of the arrow shaft with arrow lube or bar soap. Commercial arrow lubricants containing silicone work best.
  •  Cold weather can make pulling arrows more difficult.

Factors that affect target life are:

  • Distance. Arrows penetrate more on closer shots and reduces the life of the target.
  • Arrow material, arrow diameter, and point type will all affect the life of your target. For example, your target will last longer using a small diameter arrow with field point vs. a bigger arrow with broadheads.
  • Arrow speed. Faster bows penetrate deeper and reduce the life of the target.
  • Shooting tight groups can create a weak spot or hole in the vital section.
  • Targets left outdoors will break down faster. We recommend that targets be stored indoors to reduce weathering.

Yes. Delta McKenzie 3D targets are designed for use with either broadheads or field points. However, broadhead use will decrease the life of the vital section of the target.  It is recommended that you use field points to maximize the life of your 3D target. For hunting practice, use a field point that is the same weight as your broadhead.

Yes you can.  Weather conditions can deteriorate the target and fade the paint but using a light coat of commercial sealant (ex. Thompson‘s® Water Seal) can reduce weathering.

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