Wedgie™ Bag Target – Now Available in a Portable 20″ Model
wedgie 20 bag target

Wedgie™ Bag Target – Now Available in a Portable 20″ Model

The Delta McKenzie innovative Wedgie Bag Target uses a taper design to offer archers an easy, effective option for archery practice. The Wedgie Bag Target is now available in a convenient and portable 20-inch model. The tapered design allows the target to be free-standing with increased stability for arrow impact, even on uneven surfaces. The high contrast graphics makes for easy target acquisition. Provides easy one-handed arrow removal. Medium Size: 20”H x 20”W Depth: 10” at base. It is the ultimate practice target offering customers easy to pull arrows and freestanding convenience.


  • Rated for high speed vertical bows and crossbows
  • High-contrast graphics for easy target acquisition
  • Wedge profile adds stability during arrow impact and on uneven surfaces
  • Dimensions: 20”X20”X10”-base
  • Arrow tip: field points
  • Crossbow approved
  • Weight:   19lbs.

Click here to purchase the 20″ Wedgie Bag Target

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