Bison 3D Archery Target


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Please allow up to two weeks upon ordering for this product to ship.


Bison 3D Archery Target

The Pro Series Bison 3D Archery Target represents the peak of quality.  With lifelike size and characteristics, the Bison Archery target is the perfect addition to any practice range or competition.  Features replaceable parts to extend the life of the target, including the Bison Archery Target Replaceable Midsection, made of heavy-duty DuraFlex foam.

Pro Series 3D are the perfect solution for competitive archers who want the advantages of correct scoring rings and great value in a supreme target.  Widely used by clubs for competition, Pro Series targets are tournament-grade, featuring great durability and a high-quality finish.

Shoulder Height: 56″

Body Length: 71″

Scoring Rings: Universal

Arrow Tip: Broadhead, Expandable or Field Tip

Bow Speed: 300-350 fps

Please allow up to two weeks upon ordering for this product to ship.

Call Our Customer Service Department to OrderReplacement Parts:

Phone: (801) 539-1400 menu option 3

Office Hours: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm MST, Monday – Friday

Mid (20591), Head (20593), Hump (20594), Rear (20592)

Additional information

Weight 127 lbs


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