Brown Bear 3D Archery Target Replacement Core


Brown Bear 3D Archery Target Replacement Core


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Brown Bear 3D Archery Target Replacement Core

The Pro Series Brown Bear 3D Archery Target (Part #21620) has replacement parts in order to extend the life of the target.  Because the core area is where the scoring rings/vitals are located, it tends to experience the most wear and tear.  Replace the core as often as you need with the Brown Bear 3D Archery Target Replacement Core.  Made from high density foam for added durability and arrow stopping power, the replacement core is able to take a pounding from the heaviest bows.

Pro Series targets are the perfect solution for competitive archers who want the advantages of universal scoring rings (ASA/IBO) and great value in a supreme target.  Widely used by clubs for competition, Pro Series targets feature great durability and a high-quality finish.


  • Simple assembly, just remove the old core and slide the new one into place
  • Self healing foam
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Rated for bows, crossbows, field points and broadheads
  • Other replacement parts available, including the head, midsection and rear




Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 11 × 9 in
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