Brown Bear 3D Archery Target


Shoulder Height: 29″

Body Length: 50″

Scoring Rings: Universal

Arrow Tip: Broadhead, Expandable or Field Tip

Bow Speed: 300-350 fps

Replacement Parts: Core (21621), Head (21624), Rear (21623), Mid (21622)

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Brown Bear 3D Archery Target

Pro Series 3D targets represent the peak of quality. They have been tournament-tested at archery clubs and 3D events all over the world.  The Brown Bear 3D Archery Target features an E-Z Flex foam core, which is designed for shooters who want the quickest and easiest arrow removal available. The replaceable E-Z Flex core also makes this high-quality target economical to use.  Simply replace the core as often as necessary, without replacing the entire target.  High density DuraFlex Foam rounds out the other parts of this archery target, offering added durability and arrow stopping capacity.


  • Simple assembly using built in dovetails or twist-lock mechanism
  • Self healing foam
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Rated for bows, crossbows, field points and broadheads
  • Replacement parts available: head, core, midsection and rear

Additional information

Weight 37 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 19 × 17 in

1 review for Brown Bear 3D Archery Target

  1. John E. Primus

    In 2015 our bow club purchased two Medium Brown Bears & the quality was excellent. The front, mid section & rear section fit together like a glove, without gaps between the sections. The targets have been used in at least a dozen of our 3-D Shoots & they still look like brand new. The foam used in the target is the same color as the outside, so the target does not have a speckled look after it is shot. Delta McKenzie has definitely stepped up their quality control.

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