Wild Boar 3D Archery Target


Wild Boar 3D Archery Target

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Shoulder Height: 30″

Body Length: 29″

Scoring Ring: Universal

Arrow Tip: Broadhead, Expandable or Field Tips

Bow Speed: 300-350 fps

Replacement Parts: Core (21371), Head (20373), Rear (20372), Mid (21372)

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Pro 3D targets represent the peak of quality. They have been tournament-tested at archery clubs and 3D events all over the world. New for 2013, this target features E-Z Flex foam in the midsection and the core for the easiest arrow removal and maximum durability. It’s designed for shooters who want the quickest and easiest arrow removal available. The replaceable E-Z Flex cores make these high-quality targets economical to use, since the cores can be replaced as often as necessary, without replacing the entire target.

Additional information

Weight 37 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 24 × 18 in

1 review for Wild Boar 3D Archery Target

  1. bubba

    I bought one of these wild boar targets a few years ago for home practice to prepare for hog hunting trips with a hunting buddy. It’s an outstanding target that I highly recommend to anyone shooting 3D. Whether an archer hunts hogs or just loves shooting foam, this is definitely worth the money. The arrows pull out very easy. And the target is extremely durable. Hundreds and hundreds of arrows have been shot at this target without seeing a need for a new replaceable core anytime soon. And when that time comes to replace the core, it’s great to know that can easily be done without doing a target repair or having to buy another target. It was the first pro quality target I have purchased. And it was money well spent! I’m very impressed at the quality of this product and will continue to buy Delta McKenzie 3Ds.

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