Russian Boar Archery Target


Russian Boar Archery Target


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Russian Boar Archery Target

Russian Boar Archery Target

Russian Boar Archery Target:

Part of the 2018 ASA Tournament Target Lineup, the Russian Boar Archery Target offers a challenge for even the best 3D archers.  And for those bowhunters preparing for a hunt, this target is for you.  As Russian Boars have very thick hide and are extremely tough, hitting them in the proper areas for a clean kill can be challenging.  The Delta McKenzie Russian Boar will help you hone in on the kill zones leaving you ready for a successful hunt.


-High-density, SELF HEALING foam construction, allowing for easy arrow pull.  DuraFlex in midsection, E-Z Flex in core.

-Built to last for shots from crossbows, recurve, or compound bows

-Replaceable core

-Perfect for 3D target archers and bowhunters

-Realistic vital rings and universal scoring rings

-Made in the USA


-Weighs 35 Pounds

-Measures 27″x 16″ x 47″

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs


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