Wedgie Bag Target


Wedge shape eliminates the need for a stand and stays upright while shooting.  Set up in almost any location.

  • Rated for high speed vertical bows and crossbows
  • Highest contrast graphics for easy target acquisition
  • Wedge profile adds stability upon arrow impact and on uneven surfaces


In stock


The bag target that stands upright

Dimensions: 24x24x12

Arrow tip: Field Tip

Crossbow approved


Additional information

Weight 36 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

3 reviews for Wedgie Bag Target

  1. Johnny

    Couldn’t have asked for a more needed bag target. I have traditionally been tired of trying to balance old bag targets upright and getting multiple arrows into them with out them falling over. Given the nature that I shoot a heavy FMJ arrow with a beefy FOC, this target doesn’t even budge and inch and takes arrows like a champ.

    I would love to have 5 more of these for my home range. Thanks for coming out with a stellar product, it gets shot daily.

  2. Scott West

    The is a great bag target and lives up to every claim in the description. I shoot a 530 grain arrow that pushing 318 FPS on the chrono, and this target had eaten every one without a flinch!!! I shoot upwards of 150-200 arrows per day and haven’t had even close to a pass through!!! I do have 20 through 80 yard targets and this one is at the 40 yard mark.

  3. Craig

    Finally a bag target that doesn’t fall over after every shot. I used to prop up my bag targets, but the Wedgie target stands up to everything including close range shots. It also works great for colder/winter weather practice compared to normal foam targets. The Wedgie stops all shots and it’s super easy to pull out arrows.

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